Practical FAQ

At what time does the boat leave and come back?
Time vary with the destination or trip you choose. Check your trip's details for more information.
Where do we meet?
We are located on 10 Billy Folly Road. This is in Simpson Bay between the Atrium Hotel and the Simpson Bay resort. Check in is at the Buccaneer Beach Bar on 8 Billy Folly Road. Please have a look at the map for more details!
Can I park in the neighborhood?
Yes you can! You can either park next to our office on Billy Folly Road or park at the parking on Kim Sha Beach next to La Bamba Beach Bar and walk 5 minutes over the beach towards our check in spot. Please do not park at Buccaneer Beach Bar.
What do I need to bring on my trip?
You must bring your passport on every trip. We also recommend towels, swimsuit and sun lotion for trips during the day. Please check what you should bring on your destination or trip page.
Is there shade on the boat?

There is shade with the sails. When the boat is at destination, a large canevas is installed to shelter the passengers from the sun.
In any event always use sun lotion as days on the water feel breezy but can be hot!
Do I need to bring any money on this trip?
This will depends on your wishes and the destination you choose. On some trips you will have a open bar on board and lunch on the island. You can buy more drinks on the beach, use beach chairs or buy a souvenir with extra cash.
Please check what you should bring on your destination or trip page.
What form of payment do you accept?
We accept all credit card payment and cash.
Do we need to bring our Passports?
Yes you do on all our destinations. When moving from 1 country to another you always need to have your passport with you.
Can we bring our own snorkel equipment?
We have snorkeling equipment and floating devices on board. But you can also bring your own equipment!

General FAQ

What is included in our price?
Except for sunset cruises, you pay 2 amounts. 1 for the trip and 1 for the port fees. The trips can includes open bar on board snacks, lunch on the destination island and snorkel gears. Please check what is included on your trip page.
Why do we need to pay Port fees?
When going form St. Maarten to another island you have to go through customs. As we don't want you to spend your time at customs if you have a 1-day trip, we arrange this for you. This means we have to pay entree fees for every customer on board.
Will my kids like this trip?
On Arawak your kid must be 2y old or older. The trip will bring strong sensations and your kid will very likely enjoy it.
We have life vests on board but please keep an eye on your children at all times!
How do we get on and off the boat?
Arawak has no dinghy once at the destination. So you will have to swim to get on and off the boat.
How long will we be on the boat?
This will depend on the destination.
Please check your destination or trip page. Sailing around the island or to St. Barth will take more time.
Will we get seasick?
Sailing to Anguilla or Prickly Pear is normally a relaxing sail as we sail on the Caribbean Sea. People rarely get seasick on these trips. We always advise to have a good breakfast before departure and if you are worried to get seasick take prevention medication before departure. Don't worry we always have medication on board as well.
Me and my children cannot swim, can we still come?

If you can't swim we don't recommend Arawak trips. The boat is safe, but has no dinghy and you will be forced to stay onboard during the trip.
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